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"Using AutoPay has saved my business!  I have literally gone from about 20 hours a week doing bookwork to about 4 hours a month!  It has seriously freed me to work on my business which has almost tripled since we started using the system"

- Christy Johnson

Total Lawncare

"I would just like to thank you for the excellent service you folks have provided us with. Before switching over to Autopay Payments, we spent so much time and effort (read:'MONEY'!) chasing clients for receivables that we hardly had time for anything else. Since we switched to AutoPay, we have found a lot more time to devote to business development. We experienced next-to-no objections about going this route, and this season you may see our activity almost double! Next year I expect my golf game to improve!!"

- Corbit Larson

CL Landscape

"Using this simple, low-cost system is one of the best business strategies a business can do to increase their profits, increase customer retention and reduce their admin hassle."

- Sam Beckford

"Quality, great service and pricing. Best value for the money!"

- Alex Raskin

Reliable Tree & Lawn

"This AUTOPAY system is by far the best means of any landscaping or lawn business stepping up to the next level. Working ON your business and not FOR it always comes down to time. If you don't have the time to grow your business, one or more of your competitors does. Automating your customer payments keeps your cashflow fresh and allows any sized business to truely increase their profits. I highly recommend it."

- Daniel Pepper




Are You Running Your Lawn and Landscape Business Without Using Automatic Payments? Are You Tired Of Wasting Your Valuable Time Chasing Customers For Money?

Learn About and Join Thousands Of Others Who've Discovered The "Little-Known", Most Reliable, Easiest, Cost Effective Tool to Process Payments Automatically and Increase Your Profits -- Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

Collecting (or disbursing) customer payments may be the most important part of your lawn and landscaping business to keep it operating. Yet, far too many business owners are dealing with thousands of dollars in late and NSF payments and chasing their customers for money all year long.

And to make matters worse, some who do collect payments automatically, are paying too much in processing fees, have limited customer support, and deal with many problems over linking payments to their accounting software, etc.

Everyone knows that one of the biggest steps to growing your lawn and landscaping business that leaves you with more free time to do the things you want is payment automation. But it has to be easy to set up, secure, and work efficiently.

LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY is your answer. It allows the typical lawn and landscaping business to collect a recurring or one-time payment without waiting for the customer to mail a physical check or swiping a credit card. By having the customer authorize the payment, the transfer of funds is accomplished electronically, even while you sleep.

Best of all, it's easy to setup, there's no software to install, no need to switch bank accounts, you can use it on any computer (PC or MAC), and it's 100% money-back guaranteed.


Automate payments for your lawn and landscape business.



12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY

(Some of these reasons are the breakthrough and stress-relief you're looking for.)


1. Save Your Time

If you spend just 2 hours a week:

• collecting checks or cash
• making phone calls to remind customers that payment is due
• making trips to the bank and waiting in line
• posting and writing up deposits or other collection activities

Just 2 hours per week is 8 hours per month or 80 hours in a typical 10 month lawn and landscaping season. That's a full 2 weeks of administration spent collecting payments. With AutoPay you reduce the time required for collections by 90%.

Why not give yourself 2 weeks off from work at your lawn and landscaping business instead?


2. Eliminate Late Payments That Can Create Customer Bad Will

Many lawn and landscaping businesses use a late fee penalty if someone doesn’t make a payment by a certain time of the month. The threat of a late fee may make payment come in faster, but it can create a lot of bad will in the process. By auto billing, your customers are never threatened by a late fee since all payments will always automatically be paid on time.


3. Get More Committed Customers

If customers are committed to paying automatically each month on an ongoing basis, they will be longer term and more committed to your lawn and landscape business. If people make their payment once each month they are psychologically only committing to 30 days at a time. The less commitment a customer has shown you, the greater chance they will have of dropping out. A customer who is willing to say “keep automatically charging me unless I tell you to stop” has mentally committed to being there for the long term instead of taking it one month at a time. With LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY doing your billing you will never have customers who “forget” to tell you they decided to quit

To discontinue service customers must give you notice in advance, and then you will stop the charges on their account after the notice period you set.

Another advantage you will have is that people can’t “forget” about paying you. They do it automatically. Studies have proven that automated payment plans result in higher retention rates.


4. Save Money On Administration Staff

Time is money. The more time you or an employee has to spend collecting payments the more expensive it is. Even if you are the one doing the collections, your time is not free. Every hour you spend doing clerical work is an hour you can’t spend on more cost effective, important activities for your lawn and landscaping business.



5. Never Needing To Discuss Finances With Your Customers Creates More Customer Good Will

If you use LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY to take care of customer's payments you never have to discuss money with your customers again for the rest of the year. Saying “Hi” to a customer is just an act of good will. It is not the beginning of the sentence, “Hi… did you remember to write a check this month?”


6. Improve Cash Flow And Budget Your Business Better

If you know you will have almost all of your money at the beginning of the month, you don’t have to “juggle” paying your rent and your other expenses then waiting for payments to come in so you can get paid. This is a risky and stressful way to run any business.


7. Only LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY Gives You a Proven “Toolkit” Specially Designed To Successfully Introduce Automatic Payment Technology To Your New and Existing Customers

The Lawn and Landscaping Automatic Collections Toolkit Includes:

Proven “introducing AUTOPAY” letters you can customize on your computer to give to your customers.
• Forms you can customize on your computer to use for your business.
• Information on explaining AUTOPAY when signing up new customers.
3 powerful incentives to switch existing customers from monthly payers to auto payers.
• Excellent answers to common customer questions.
Proven phrases that eliminate objections to AUTOPAY and increase customer retention.
• Other strategies and ideas to reduce your business collections by 90%.


8. Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Postage Each Year

If you never have to mail out another reminder statement your postage costs will be dramatically reduced. Using AUTOPAY receipt feature, the system can automatically email all of your customers a receipt each time their monthly payment is charged. Say goodbye to postage fees.


9. LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY Helps You Collect On Bounced Paper Checks Too

LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY has a unique feature that allows you to automatically re-charge bank accounts from paper checks someone has given you that have bounced. No more chasing people to replace a bad check with cash! Using AUTOPAY you can just type in the account numbers from a bad check that was written to you and re-submit the charge to their bank without ever needing to contact the customer.

This feature alone can save hours of collection time. Now you will be able to collect on bad checks that would have previously been written off as uncollectible.


10. More Convenient For Your Customers

Customers never have to remember to pay and you never have to remind them. People are used to having payments automatically withdrawn for mortgages, car payments, cable bills and other routine expenses. This service is not only convenient for your lawn and landscaping business but your customers will find the convenience to be a win-win situation too.


11. Creates A More Professional Image for Your Business

Being able to offer an auto charge feature to your customer base makes your lawn and landscaping business look more professional and business-like. Consumers expect large stable companies to offer services such as autocharge.

Having the sophisticated technology available at your business raises your profile as a professional operation and makes current and new customers view you as an efficient, leading edge business.


12. Take The 60 Day "Risk-Free" Trial!

Remember, we GUARANTEE you will see amazing changes in your life and lawn and landscaping business by introducing a reliable and super effective payment automation system. Even if you feel that our AUTOPAY system is not beneficial or pertinent to your business you can still receive a full 100% refund, no hassles, no questions asked for up to 60 days. We wouldn’t have it any other way.






You were paid more quickly and reliably using secure electronic payments.

You could accept an e-check or check from your customer by phone or fax.

You were able to process these automated payments from one platform -- PC or MAC.

You were able to automatically update your accounting package for each transaction.

You were able to collect NSF checks in an automated and hands-free fashion.

You could reduce your current payment processing costs by 80% or more.

You didn't need to switch bank accounts and there was no software to install.

You had toll-free expert customer service with 8+ years of automatic payment experience you could call on at any time.

You could experience all this with a 60 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!



The Choice Is Yours...


We're sure this makes sense to you. Spending time working on your lawn and landscaping business rather than for it is a major part of succeeding. Automating your payments effectively is something you can implement very easily that will drastically save you time and money.

But, you could also do nothing. It’s up to you.

Think about the success (or maybe I should say “not-so-successes”) of your lawn and landscaping business over the last year.

What if YOU could double, triple…totally blow the roof off your business and achieve more in the next 12 months than you ever dreamed possible - because you have more time to do so.

The truth is we wouldn’t say it if we weren’t seeing it happen right before our eyes each and every day. Hours of bookkeeping time saved and hundreds if not thousands of dollars that stay in the pockets of lawn and landscaping business owners, like yourself, because of auto-payment.

Think about that for a moment… by simply adding autopay to your lawn and landscaping business, you could go from chasing your customers for money and putting yourself through unnecessary stress, to doing business on YOUR TERMS, demanding so much respect and taking such complete control that you've got money being deposited in the bank when YOU want it -- even while you sleep.

You could start building your lawn and landscaping business faster and much more profitably by generating such customer loyalty that they wouldn’t dream of buying from anyone else for any reason.

Wouldn’t you agree that adding automatic payment to your business would be well worth the investment?



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