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Frequently Asked Questions:


How long have you been in business and how do I know my money is safe?

We have been in business over 8 years with thousands of clients. We have substantial funds on reserve to protect our customers and have many legal and fiduciary rules and regulations we are obligated to fulfill. Please feel free to contact us for verification of this.


Do I need to install software? Can I use any computer with internet access?

There is no software to install and you can use any computer, PC or MAC, with your AUTOPAY account.


What do the transactions cost?

Processing transaction fees begin at .30-35 cents (cheaper than a stamp) and volume discounts are available. Returns (NSF, account closed etc) begin at $2.00. Credit card processing fees are typically 2.3%. ATMVerify transactions begin at .35 with volume discounts (If you don't know what some of these terms mean, we'll explain everything to you when you apply for an account).


How long will it take to get the funds?

Standard funding time is approximately 3 to 4 days.


How does your customer service operate?

We have a dedicated staff of support reps available for you 8am-7pm CST for any help you require.


How secure is the data I enter on the system?

The financial data is securely encoded on our system and fully complies with all of the Federal Reserve electronic bank transfer requirements. The system is currently being used to securely process millions of transactions each year in all kinds of different industries.


Can't I just use my bank to do auto payment transactions?

Most banks do not offer a web based auto payment system for a small business to use. If your bank can provide you with a system, check to see if they can match the custom features of Even if they do, their systems tend to be cumbersome and time consuming.

  • LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY can charge both bank accounts and credit cards on the same system.
  • LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY is fully automatic. Most bank systems require you to manually prepare and send batches of account numbers to charge each month. This extra step means the business owner may have to do additional work each month.
  • LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY links to your accounting software to make your accounting easier.
  • Features such as the ability to enter a one time charge for a job and an ongoing monthly payments on the same transaction are designed to save time for a typical landscaping lawn care business setting up payments.
  • Features such as the ability to resubmit paper checks automatically are not available on most bank systems.


What makes LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY the best payment provider for the landscaping lawn care industry?

For over 8 years, LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY has quietly helped businesses across the country flawlessly process hundreds of thousands of transactions.

Only our system gives you a proven “toolkit” specially designed to successfully introduce automatic payment technology to your new and existing customers.

The Landscaping Lawn Care Business Owners Automatic Collections Toolkit Includes:

Proven “introducing autopay” letters you can customize on your computer to use for your business.
• Forms you can customize on your computer to use for your business.
• Information on explaining autopay when signing up new customers.
• 3 powerful incentives to switch existing customers from monthly payers to auto payers.
• Answers to common customer questions.
• Proven phrases that eliminate objections to autopay and increase customer retention.
• Other tips and ideas to reduce your business collections by 80%+


Does this system work for credit cards too?

The LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY system has the option of accepting Visa and MasterCard for payments in addition to charging bank accounts for additional $10 per month. The merchant fees for Visa & MasterCard are 2.3% of the amount charged plus .30.

Using this feature, you can accept credit cards for incidental charges throughout the year without the need to have a rented terminal machine and bulky receipt printer since all of the transactions are processed online.


What do I have to do to start?

Complete a small application. Once we receive and review it, we will contact you to talk about how to get automatic payments started for you -- quickly and easily.


I have more questions, can I contact you?

Please feel free to call or email us with any question you may have right now about how your landscaping lawn care business can use our proven automatic payment system to dramatically save your time and money.


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