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"Quality products, great service and pricing. Best value for the money!"

- Alex Raskin

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One time set up fee -- just $199 FREE! 


(This fee includes live, "hands-on" telephone training and support on how to start using the system. You'll know what to do in no time.)

Monthly fee $29.95

Per transaction fee 35 cents

Returned item charges $2.00
(if the account charged is rejected for insufficient funds)

Visa and MasterCard Merchant fees are 2.3% of the transaction amount charged plus .30 per transaction.

Optional services

Credit card acceptance ability (additional $10 per month)


With the automatic email feature of our AUTOPAY system, you never have to mail out another reminder statement. Your postage costs will be dramatically reduced and in some cases, this reason alone makes adding AUTOPAY a no-brainer.

When you drastically cut down time spent chasing customers for money, this becomes another surefire reason to justify adding AUTOPAY to your lawn & landscape business. The money saved on administration of handling late or NSF payments is enormously greater than the small and seemingly insignificant cost of adding AUTOPAY to your business.



I have more questions, can I contact you?

Please feel free to call or email us with any question you may have right now about how your lawn & landscape business can use our proven automatic payment system to dramatically save your time and money.


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