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"I love your product! It has made all the difference for me."

- Marty Fort

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How Does This System Work?

Just ONE Phone Call and SECONDS Of Entering Data Into Your Customer's Account and You're Done!

1. When a customer contacts you to join your roster, explain the fees that will be charged and get 1 voided check or a credit card number if you would like to accept credit cards.

2. Log onto LawnLandscapingAUTOPAY’s secure, password protected site, from any computer with internet access.

3. Enter the numbers from the bottom of the check or credit card number, the amount to charge, the date to charge, and click submit. You're done!


  • The account will automatically be charged each month until the end date you set. You can also preset the charges to automatically stop at the end of your lawn and landscaping season which may be December, for example.
  • The money will automatically be deposited into your business bank account within 4 business days of the submitted transactions (The delay is required for submission and bank account verification).
  • Your lawn and landscaping business name will appear on the customer's bank or credit card statement next to the charged amount each month.


I have more questions, can I contact you?

Please feel free to call or email us with any question you may have right now about how your lawn & landscape business can use our proven automatic payment system to dramatically save your time and money.


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